President and CEO

A Greenville, NC native, Bruce is the product of his father’s company, Coward’s Construction, where he worked with heavy machinery and learned all aspects of the business. From tractors and backhoes to dozers and dump trucks, his on-the-job training and expertise became a major asset when he joined the U.S. Air Force. As a minuteman missile technician, his duties involved the installation and maintenance of equipment associated with the weapon and guidance systems. Honorably discharged in 1977, Bruce was employed as a pipefitter and sheet metal worker for Missouri Pacific Railroad. He also received certification as an air brake system inspector on locomotives.

Still employed with the railroad, Bruce moved to Houston, TX. and met his wife, Loyce. The 1982 recession forced the Cowards to return to Greenville, NC. and Bruce went to work as a structural steel welder for the Robert’s Company. He quickly advanced to equipment operator and supervisor. By 1993, Bruce left the company to start, with Loyce, Carolina Earth Movers, Inc.