Our experience comes from a tradition of using quality professionals and having worked on various projects for cities, municipalities and state contracts in the Carolinas since 1993.

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Site Prep/Land Development
Land clearing by CEM includes grubbing of trees and debris, disposal removal, undercut, grading and import/export of soils.

Concrete and Asphalt Replacement
CEM is experienced in addressing specific problems such as cracked concrete surfaces, potholes and spalding areas or bring a pavement back to its original quality. Our services range from the removal of damaged concrete to the preparation of the areas where the new concrete will be set and installed.

Heavy Highway
CEM performs all phases of a project – all under one professional management team.

  • Site grading and excavating
  • Building and pad installation
  • Sub-division inter structure storm drainage installation
  • Concrete pour and placement
  • Paving

Our heavy highway work also includes curb and gutter work, concrete installation, and slab on grade and sidewalk construction.

Residential, Commercial and Industrial Demolition

  • Private Dwelling(s)
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Structures:
  • Wood and Masonry
  • Concrete and Asphalt

Storm Debris, Removal and Disposal
During cleanup and recovery efforts following a severe storm, large volumes of various types of storm debris will need to be disposed. CEM’s professional crew is experienced in managing storm debris that includes:

  • Trees, brush, and other vegetative matter;
  • Clean lumber (not including painted, stained or chemically treated wood);
  • Construction-demolition waste (sheet rock, roof shingles, treated wood, plastics, etc.)

Lot Clearing and Grubbing
The first order of work on most projects, clearing and grubbing includes removal of all trees, stumps, roots and any objectionable matter resting on or protruding through the surface of the original ground, except for those items designated to remain.

Trucking and Hauling

  • Construction Debris
  • Gravel
  • Sand
  • Top Soil
  • Provide Lowboy Service